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10 Great Gift Ideas For DIY Lovers

Best Gifts for DIY Lovers - Perfect for that crafty family member or friend

DIY lovers. We all know (and love) at least one. You’ll point to something in their room and say, “I love that! Where did you get it?” only to hear, “Oh, I made it!” This holiday season, make the DIY lover in your life extra happy with one (or three!) of these perfect DIY gifts!

Stencil Stop Tiny Cactus Kit DIY Lovers

1. Tiny Cactus Cross Stitch Kit 
From $16
I don't know about you, but I don't know a single person who can cross stitch. But I sure as heck would start with a simple kit like this one! Check out this Etsy store for other cute cross stitch kits, like an avocado, sprinkled donut, and a pug!


Stencil Stop Metal Stamp Kit

2. Hand-Stamped Metal Necklace Kit
From $24.99
These necklaces are all the rage. Do people still say "all the rage?" Either way, this necklace kit will be a hit! Your loved one can stamp any message into a necklace and wear it proudly!

Stencil Stop Mini Loom Kit

3. Mini Loom Weaving Kit
From $55
Your DIY bestie will love bringing an Urban Outfitters vibe to their room with a mini loom they made themselves! Get the kit here.

Stencil Stop DIY Lovers Gifts Nail Polish Kit

4. DIY Nail Polish Kit
From $35
Let your friends channel their inner beauty divas by making their own nail polish. They'll love using this kit to mix and match shades to create the perfect color!

Stencil Stop Bath Bomb

5. Bath Bomb Kit
From $12.99
2017 has been the year of the bath bomb. From glitter to Game of Thrones, people everywhere are loving these fizzy, colorful bath surprises. Give your stressed out friend the gift of a DIY bath bomb kit, and they'll be relaxed in no time!

Stencil Stop DIY Etched Glass

6. Glass Etching Kit
From $24.54
We know you have already read about how to DIY etched glass, but your loved one probably hasn't. Give them all the tools needed to etch a custom glass in no time with this glass etching kit

Stencil Stop Tassel Making Kit DIY Gift Guide

7. Tassel Making Kit
From $11.90
This tassel making kit is really the gift that keeps on giving. Your BFF can make a tassel for herself, for you, for her mom - plus, the possibilities for color combinations are endless! 

Stencil Stop Gather DIY Serving Tray

8.  Custom Stencil
From $9.99
Get a custom stencil of your friend's business logo, favorite phrase, food, etc.! They will love having a sturdy stencil to DIY their favorite design onto any material, like this serving tray!

Stencil Stop Screen Printing

9. Screen Printing Class
From $9
Once they have the custom stencil, give the gift of screen printing with this 28 minute course. Your friend will be a screen printing expert in no time!

Stencil Stop Darby Smart Mystery Box

10. Monthly DIY Box
From $19
Still can't find anything that fits your DIY loving friend? Check out this monthly DIY mystery box that will surprise your friend every month with a new craft to make!


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