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Article: DIY Personalized Christmas Tree Ornaments


DIY Personalized Christmas Tree Ornaments

Our new customizable holiday ornaments are made of a lightly colored wood perfect for DIY-ing. If you want to gather guests and family for an ornament decorating party, or just add some color to your tree, here’s some inspiration!

Retro DIY Christmas Ornament

Add some pops of color to your tree using acrylic paint.

2021 pink DIY Christmas ornament

Our 2021 ornament got some pink paint and a little bit of faux shine.

Paint inside… and outside the lines:

Happy Holidays DIY Christmas ornament

Elevate our wood designs with paint and/or pens. Color into the grooves and raised areas. The wood will take paint as well as pens and markers. Marker ink may be slightly dull and may bleed, but it will stick on the material. Markers are a good choice for younger artists.

DIY painted Christmas ornament

Embellish your ornaments with paint, pens, markers, sequins, puffy paint, rhinestones, and whatever else you like. 

Christmas Lights personalized Christmas ornament

Adding color to these Christmas lights was an easy YES! Decorate them in your favorite colors or even to the colors on your tree. Shop our Personalized Christmas Lights Ornament here.  

Make a reindeer into Rudolph!

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Holiday Ornament

We have two reindeer ornament designs, our 2021 Reindeer Ornament and our Jumping Reindeer Ornament. We made our reindeer into Rudolph by painting a red nose on him!

Christmas tree ornament with presents

Put some presents under your tree: Paint tiny squares and plus sign shapes (+) to make simple presents on a Christmas tree ornament. 

Make sure you add some extra love. 

Ornaments with painted hearts

With just some red acrylic paint and a brush, you can embellish your ornaments with hearts. Just a small detail can show an extra bit of love and appreciation for the person you gift this to. 

Try a wood stain

Wood stains bring out the texture and color of wood. A dark color will cause the etched design to have a rich contrast, while a lighter color will showcase the entire ornament. 

Stained wood ornament 

Throw a party!

Ensemble Christmas Ornaments

Having a holiday party and need an activity? Kids and adults alike will enjoy painting ornaments, and they make for perfect holiday party favors. When I was a child, my neighbors had a Christmas party every year and we would make and paint our own ornaments. My parents still have those glitter-covered ornaments to this day and they make it to the tree every year. 

Buy a set of our personalized ornaments and add your family name for a memorable holiday season!

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