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Article: Painting Wood Magnet Easter Eggs

Painting Wood Magnet Easter Eggs

Happy belated Easter everybody! Here is a simple and fun DIY project to celebrate the holiday that is perfect for people of all ages. 

For this DIY, we're using our custom wood etched magnets to create this project. Wood etched magnets make a great gift and, as you can see here, they are perfect for crafting. The wood we use can be easily painted or stained to whatever colors you like.  

We started by drawing out some eggs, then sent them to the laser cutter to get made into wood magnets. You can make your own here

wood etched eggs easter stencils magnets

Once we had our freshly cut magnets, we got right to painting! Here's what you'll need:

  • Your wood magnets 
  • Acrylic or other craft paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Water
  • Paper towels to dry brushes

acrylic paint paintbrushes diy project easter eggs

We picked out some bright colors for spring- a pastel pink, sunny yellow, mint green, grassy green, and a teal. You can use whatever colors you like. 

acrylic paint paintbrush diy project wood etched magnets easter eggs

Now the fun part starts! It's easy, just paint where you like. Here's what we decided to do: 

easter eggs painting wood etched magnet

For our starry egg, we used makeup sponges to create a gradient sky. 

starry sky moon sun wood etched magnet diy

It's just that easy. Take a look at our final product:

easter eggs wood etched magnets stencil diy

We even put them up on the fridge to celebrate the holiday! 

magnets fridge wood etched easter eggs diy

Happy Easter from the Stencil Stop team! 

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