Greek Letter Tao Interlocking Stencil

Greek Letter Tao Interlocking Stencil

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Stop struggling to recreate the exact logo by hand. It’s impossible to create a professional-looking logo image without the right tools. Besides, your time is more valuable. Shorten painting time with Stencil Stop’s Greek letter Tao stencil. Knock out that DIY project with the perfect finish you’re looking for. Purchase today and save hours on your next project.

The logo is crafted with precision instruments, ensuring crisp, exact images. It can be used to transpose the Greek letter Tao onto the surface of your choice quickly and easily. Works well on wood, steel, plastic, and most every other flat surface, making it perfect for an array of different projects and uses. Start repping your state in style.

Our stencils are made from .014″ thick polyester mylar plastic, which is flexible and durable, so it stands up to hundreds to thousands of uses.

Request a custom order and have something made just for you.

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Shipping methods on custom stencils vary from those of standard orders. Rates will be calculated upon purchase, and the average custom order takes about a week to arrive.


Stencil Stop currently serves the United States and Canada, but international customers are welcome to contact with inquiries. We will do our best to make processing your requests possible.


While we are unable to regularly apply priority shipping to custom orders at this time, we encourage you to email if you need us to expedite our process, so you recieve your stencil more quickly than our delivery window allows.

Clear you stencil of any dust or debris, and be sure your intended surface is clean. Then, hold or adhere your stencil, so it is flush against the surface underneath. If you are using an adhesive stencil, check for remove any air bubbles that may have formed between your stencil and its surface.

Apply your paint using the most appropriate method. Mylar plastic stencils are compatible with both indoor and outdoor paint varieties, but they yield the best results when paired with spray paints as rollers and paints tend to detract from details in their designs due to paint bleeding. Conversely, we recommend brushes and rollers for adhesive stencils, and advise against using highly durable paints that might make cleaning and reusing these products difficult.

Next, carefully remove your stencil, and clean it according to its specified care instructions. Store it by laying it flat in a room temperature environment, and give your project ample time to dry before showing off those amazing designs. For more specific instructions, view instructions listed on our category pages for clothing & apparel, spray paint, roller brushes, wood, and concrete/ outdoors.

14 Mil Mylar Plastic

This thick, durable plastic material is ideal for most DIY projects. Its applications include but are not limited to:

  • sidewalk painting 
  • product branding
  • item personalization
  • sign design
  • furniture decorating

We recommend this type of stencil for the following surfaces: pavement, concrete, wood, metal, brick, fabric, and more. 

Reuse this stencil, and extend its lifespan by cleaning the chemical resistant surface with a solvent or paint thinner. Then store the item by lying it flat in a temperature controlled environment. This plastic will not become brittle with age and can withstand temperatures between 100 and 300 degrees fahrenheit. 

With proper care, mylar stencils are good for thousands of uses, but intricate designs are likely to separate more quickly than their simpler counterparts. For this reason, we recommend adhesive stencils for extremely detailed designs. 

This material is as thick as 5 or 6 standard pieces of printer paper and is semi-opaque, meaning it is possible to partially see objects through mylar stencils. They are also flexible enough to use on rounded surfaces, but the more severely an item curves, the more likely a stencils details will be lost during application. We recommend adhesive stencils for items like water bottles that curve more than a standard trash bin. 

Spray paints are optimal for mylar stencils because brushes and rollers have a tendency to bleed paint underneath, so letters and details are compromised. However, tightly fastening a stencil to its surface can minimize this bleeding and yield neater results. Additionally, mylar stencils are compatible with both indoor and outdoor paints. 

3 Mil Adhesive Matte Polyester

This thin, adhesive plastic performs best on wood, walls, glass, plastic, metal, and other fine surfaces. Adhesive stencils are most commonly chosen for customizing nails, cars, boats, and dishes. They are useful for glass etching, interior decorating, and DIY projects that require highly detailed designs. 

Each adhesive stencil has a lifespan of between 15 and 100 uses depending on application surfaces and maintenance. Gentle solutions like warm water and Windex work best when cleaning these items, but be careful to avoid contact between solvents and adhesives to preserve your stencils’ stickiness. Return your item to its reusable backing whenever it is not in use, and store it flat at room temperature. 

Adhesive polyester stencils are about as thick as one standard sheet of printer paper and are flexible enough to adhere to almost any level of curvature. The material is solid-white and comes on craft brown backing paper. Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 300 degrees fahrenheit, this type of stencil work best with paint brushes and rollers. Please note that using durable paints may be difficult to remove and could limit the lifespan of your stencil. 

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