Our Story

Stencil Stop Production Facility

As college roommates at Clemson University, we were determined to do something meaningful with our lives after graduation. We spent hours on the phone every night trying to solve problems, improve products, provide services, and create new things.

It took a while, but we finally found it.

After many long nights, Patrick recalled his attempt to paint Clemson’s logo on a cooler as an undergrad.

He thought about freehanding the logo… No chance.

He thought about creating a stencil by hand… Way too tedious.

He thought about purchasing a sticker - one use, not weather resistant, only works on certain surfaces… Wouldn’t work.

Patrick’s attempt failed, because he could not buy any stencils of Clemson’s iconic tiger paw logo. A few years later, a quick search yielded that same unsatisfactory result: nothing. Not only did Clemson’s fans lack a stenciling solution, but so did fans of every other college and professional team in the country.

We decided to use this fact as an opportunity to merge a few of our biggest passions: college sports, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

We researched, we tested and we repeated, until we had awesome products that we could repeatedly trust to put our favorite logos and symbols onto whatever surface we chose.

With the same passion and determination we use to formulate our stencil products, we strive to provide the best customer service, the best guides and tutorials, and the best products available for whatever your next project may be.

Let us know how we're doing. We'd love to hear from you.