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Project Highlight: Dutch Bros. Coffee Stencils

At Stencil Stop, we spend each day working with ideas. If a customer wants a stencil, it's because they had an idea about how they could create something new or in a less expensive way. When we design a new product, it's because we had an idea about how customers could use a stencil in a specific way that fits their DIY project needs. When we create videos and content, we have ideas about how what we create can be used to find new customers, fit on our Instagram page, and help explain products on our website. (My favorite metaphor for this, that I'm sure my team is tired of by now, is "using all the parts of the buffalo.")

Josh, our omniscient investor and salesman, had the idea that Dutch Bros. Coffee could be a potential future customer because they release monthly sticker packs that their fans - the Dutch Mafia - devour instantly. Hanley, who at the time was our newest team member, was itching to show off his videography skills. The ideas kept flowing, so we ran with it. I pulled a few Dutch Bros. logos from their sticker designs:

Dutch Bros. Coffee Stencil Renderings

And turned them into real-life stencils:

Dutch Bros. Stencils

(I can't find the Dutch Mafia one!)

We took an entire Saturday to shoot the video. Slowly but surely, we recorded each bit, each action, each movement to capture each step required to achieve the eventual result of cinnamon atop a glorious latte.

Our goal was to use this video as a sales tool to catch the eyes of some Dutch Bros. marketing executives. We hoped that they'd eventually be interested in offering stencils in addition to stickers because, as we know, people love to stencil their coffee. Although we haven't gotten in touch with anyone from Dutch Bros., we still hope to work with them someday! (Do you know anyone? Let us know!) Regardless, we have an awesome commercial that shows yet another original, creative use of our mylar stencils.

Enjoy some sexy shots of the stenciled cups of joe below.

Dutch Bros. Stencil Coffee Cup

Dutch Bros. Coffee Mug Stencil

Dutch Bros. Dutch Mafia Coffee Stencil

Dutch Bros. Psychedelic Coffee Stencil

Dutch Bros. Psychedelic Coffee Cup Stencil


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    How can I buy these stencils!?

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