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Stenciled Accent Wall Ideas for 2021

Stenciled accent walls are an easy and budget-friendly way to upgrade the aesthetic of any space. Maybe it’s time to move away from painting the entire wall with one flashy colour or covering it with expensive and inconvenient wallpaper. Stencils can help you go more creative, no matter your taste. Here are some ideas to try this year. 

Herringbone Wall Stencil

Scandinavian and Nordic home styles are clean, fresh, and classy. A herringbone wall stencil can complement your minimalist and practical furniture. Be sure to choose light colours, such as natural light wood, white pine, ash, pale blue, dusty pink, and grey. 

You can apply the herringbone stencil to bedrooms, bathrooms, and nurseries. Check out these 2021 DIY Home Decorating Ideas.

Moroccan Trellis Pattern Wall Stencil

Over the past decade, the Moroccan trellis pattern has reached global popularity due to its versatility. It’s suitable for modern architecture with its symmetry and clean lines. But it also looks good on classic homes, such as those with baroque style.

Accent your study room, fireplace, or dining area with a color of your liking.

Leopard Print Pattern Wall Stencil

Leopard print was trendy in the 1960s, when it served as a symbol of wealth, sophistication, and power. Safari-inspired patterns and imagery have since been go-to luxury options.

Inject opulence into any room by adding a leopard print pattern on the walls. To complete the royal rockstar vibe, throw in some lush pillows and metallic décor.

Stencil leopard print accent wall

Tropical Dreams-Inspired Wall Stencil

Tropical décor is trending lately. Patterns with palm fronds have been particularly popular. A tropically inspired room can remind you of your favorite outdoor adventures. It can bring a new level of freshness and “wow factor” to any room.

Complete the look with linen, floral-patterned lamps, and some wicker furniture. Imagine having a Malibu Sunset or a Citrus Peach Cooler in this room!

Aside from green and yellow, play a little with red and purple to complete this natural vibe.

Checkerboard Wall Stencil

If you’re determined to give the room an undeniable retro look, use a checkerboard wall stencil.

According to Max Funding Trend Watcher Shane Perry, the checkerboard is one of the print trends that can maintain its status through decades. He adds, “The checkerboard has been popular since the ‘60s. You just have to give it a twist to make it fashionable today.”

Stencil checkerboard accent wall

Honeycomb Pattern Wall Stencil

Nature has genuinely understood mathematical perfection! The honeycomb pattern is spatially efficient because it maximizes the space. It can be seen in many biological structures, but the beehive is probably the most famous example.

If you want a nature-inspired space but not ready to go tropical, consider a honeycomb pattern wall stencil.

Stencil honeycomb wall pattern

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