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Santiago Bernabeu "Merengues" Layered Stencil Set

Sale price$ 106.99

Santiago Bernabeu "Merengues" Layered Stencil Set is easy to use for painting on canvases, walls, outdoor surfaces, and many other types of DIY projects. Durable 10 mil mylar allows for constant reusability and easy cleaning.

Stencil set size refers to the canvas size that the design will fit on. For this purpose, the outside edges and design size will vary slightly from the size listed. 

We design our layered stencil sets using colors from our preferred spray paint, Montana Colors. The colors you'll need for this stencil set are listed below, along with links to purchase the items.

MTN-94 Paint Colors

1. RV-124 Frisco Green | Buy from Blick Buy from Amazon

2. RV-303 Native Grey Buy from Blick 

3. RV-149 Hydra Blue Buy from Blick | Buy from Amazon

4. RV-151 Freedom Blue Buy from Blick | Buy from Amazon

5. RV-154 Twister Blue Buy from Blick | Buy from Amazon

6. RV-9011 Black Buy from Blick | Buy from Amazon

7. RV-116 Blood Red Buy from Blick | Buy from Amazon

8. RV-9010 White Buy from Blick | Buy from Amazon

9. RV-9011 Black Buy from Blick | Buy from Amazon

10. RV-9010 White Buy from Blick | Buy from Amazon

11. RV-272 Mint Green Buy from Blick 

 Cover / Background

The canvas must be totally black for this design to work.

Stencil Stop may earn a commission from purchases made through links. If a link is not listed above, it's because the item was not listed at the time this stencil set was added to our site.

Montana Colors is a different spray paint brand than Montana Cans. Confusing, we know. Montana Colorswhich creates the MTN 94 spray paint, is the one we recommend and are referring to here.

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