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Article: 10 Awesome Father's Day DIY Gifts (That Aren't For Kids)

10 Awesome Father's Day DIY Gifts (That Aren't For Kids)

Stencil Stop - 10 Awesome Father's Day DIY Gifts (That Aren't for Kids)

I love giving homemade gifts, especially for Father's Day, but struggled to find many options online that weren't crafts for children. My dad loves me, but I really don't think he wants a paper tie with my signature on it. 

Here's a roundup of 10 DIY projects you can give Dad without being judged, because he'll actually like them. Okay, I don't know your father, but I'm sure he'll like at least one of these.

1. Wood Cutting Board 
Even if your dad would hate receiving a DIY cutting board, please look at how incredibly easy this tutorial is. You could even use some of the techniques we taught in our hand-carved sign DIY or our wood-burning tutorial to personalize the cutting board even more!

Stencil Stop - Father's Day DIY Gifts Wood Cutting Boards

2. Homemade Shaving Oil or Shaving Cream
This made the list because it feels very Father's Day. It's a very manly gift and, because it's homemade, it's also personal and kinda sweet. Dad will think of your thoughtful gift every time he shaves. Get the shaving oil recipe here and shaving cream recipe here. 

Stencil Stop - Father's Day DIY Gifts Shaving Oil

3. DIY Beer Six Pack Coasters
It's a total cliche to mention a beer-related DIY craft in a Father's Day DIY list, but a lot of dads enjoy a cold one. These coasters can be cranked out inexpensively and quickly. Plus, you can give your dad his favorite six pack along with them!

Stencil Stop - Father's Day DIY Gifts Beer Coasters

4. Homemade Hot Sauce
Okay, this one seems a little odd at first, but imagine giving pops a fun set of 3 funky sauces you made just for him! This is perfect for the dad who slathers on Sriracha like it's going out of style. Find a bunch of homemade hot sauce recipes here

Stencil Stop - Father's Day DIY Gifts Homemade Hot Sauce

5. Wine Bottle and Glass Holder 
Yeah I know what you're thinking - Isn't a wine holder more appropriate for a Mother's Day gift? Perhaps, but my dad loves a good glass of wine (and I bet your dad does too), so here it is. 

Stencil Stop - Father's Day DIY Gifts Wine Bottle and Glass Holder

6. Bookends
Not quite sure why bookends strike me as a quintessential Father's Day gift, but they do. Maybe because I was always intrigued by my dad's bull and bear stock market bookends as a child. The copper eagle tutorial is found here

Stencil Stop - Father's Day DIY Gifts Copper Eagle Bookends

Stencil Stop - Father's Day DIY Gifts Wood Bookends

7. Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener
I see these all over Pinterest, but usually there's something I want to tweak about a featured design. But this one is exactly the way I would make a bottle opener for a Father's Day gift. It has clean lines, no excessive frills and can be easily personalized for my pops with a Clemson Tiger Paw Stencil.

Stencil Stop - Father's Day DIY Gifts Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

8. Patio Table with Built-In Ice Chests
This is definitely the most labor intensive project of the bunch, but it's clearly one of the most awesome. I don't know any dad (or any other human) who would not enjoy this remodeled table. If you make this, you are my woodworking hero. Get the instructions here

Stencil Stop - Father's Day DIY Gifts Patio Table with Built-In Ice Chests

9. Utensil/Tool Organizer
I honestly just really liked the look of this hand-crafted organizer. It's totally doable, even for a woodworking noob like me, and the end result is fresh and clean. This can be used for anything Dad needs - his desk, tools, whatever you can think of! Check out the full tutorial here

Stencil Stop - Father's Day DIY Gifts Utensil/Tools Organizer

10. Apron 
While the design shown above and detailed here is super sharp, I can't help but wonder how fun it would be to make a personalized apron with fabric paint and a stencil. I wonder if we can make a custom order of Nick Saban's face as a stencil...

Stencil Stop - Father's Day DIY Gifts Apron Picture















Don't see anything Dad's into? If he's a sports fan, check out our other post about Clemson DIY projects, which can be adapted to fit any sports team with the right stencil!

As always, we LOVE to see what DIY masterpieces you create! Send in your projects to or hit us up on Facebook or @stencilstop on Instagram. We can’t wait to see what you make for Father's Day!

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