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Article: Top 10 University of Georgia Bulldogs DIY Projects

Top 10 University of Georgia Bulldogs DIY Projects

 Stencil Stop Top 10 Best Georgia Bulldogs DIY Projects

We've collected the top University of Georgia Bulldogs DIY projects for the ultimate Dawg fanatics! Get ready for Saturdays in the South by putting your spin on these fun projects!

The following stencils are perfect for UGA DIYs:

If you have a different Bulldogs logo in mind, we can make it with our custom mylar stencils.


1. Custom Georgia Football Cooler
Coolers can be a lot more work than they seem. There is sanding, priming, more sanding, and that's all before you even bust out the paintbrush. Take a lesson from the perfectionism of sorority girls and learn more about the how-to's here.

Stencil Stop - University of Georgia Bulldogs CoolerStencil Stop - Georgia Bulldogs Cooler DIY


2. "Between the Hedges" Burlap Georgia Pillow
The iconic hedges of Sanford Stadium have seen 88 years of Georgia football. Capture the spirit with this beautiful pillow. Burlap + basic sewing skills + pillow fluff + Georgia state stencil + white fabric pen = super cute new addition to your home! The original design was created by Two Peaches Design.

Stencil Stop - UGA Between the Hedges Burlap Pillow


3. Georgia Logo and State Outline Wood Sign
There are versions of this all over Pinterest, but you can totally make your own! Get down to it and cut out Georgia, then stencil on the Dawgs logo to make this one-of-a-kind piece of art!

Stencil Stop - Georgia Bulldogs G Logo on Wood


4. Georgia DIY Cornhole Set
Build your own awesome cornhole board for the perfect tailgate game by following this tutorialSlap on some paint and seal up your design!

Stencil Stop - Georgia Bulldogs Cornhole Set


5. Georgia DIY Sharpie Mug
Did you know you can make permanent designs on mugs and plates? All you'll need for this design is the "G" Logo stencil and some basic handwriting abilities! After you write on the mug, pop it in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees F! Originally seen here.

Stencil Stop - Georgia Bulldogs Sharpie DIY Mug


6. "Home Is Where The Arch Is" Sign
I'm a sucker for a cute saying, and this one takes the Georgia cake. Never leave The Arch by bringing it into your home permanently. This would look great with a white background! Original design by Art By Anne-Catherine.

Stencil Stop - Home Is Where the Arch Is Georgia Bulldogs on Canvas


7. Burlap Garden Flag
Y'all, making your own burlap flag is super easy. You can read a tutorial here, but the synopsis is that you fold over the end of the burlap and glue it to make a loop for the stake.

Stencil Stop - Burlap Garden Flag Georgia Bulldogs


8. Glory Glory to Ole Georgia 
The fight song will keep on singing in your home with this cute hand-lettered piece of art. Grab a talented friend to write it out or practice your lettering skills with this tutorial!

Stencil Stop - Glory Glory Fight Song University of Georgia Bulldogs


9. Georgia Bulldogs Bottle Opener
How cute is this wall-mounted bottle opener? Instructions to make your own can be found here.

Stencil Stop - Wall-Mounted Can Opener Georgia Bulldogs


10. Wood UGA American Flag 
This is the perfect project for a Georgia football man cave. It's going to take time and some TLC, but this badass wood flag is always worth it!

Stencil Stop - University of Georgia Bulldogs Flag on Wood

We can't wait to see your Dawg designs! Send in your projects to or hit us up on Facebook or @stencilstop on Instagram.

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