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Article: Back-To-School Chalkboard Lunchbox DIY

Back-To-School Chalkboard Lunchbox DIY

Stencil Stop - Pinterest DIY Chalkboard Lunchbox Project

I cannot get enough of chalkboard paint. I strongly believe that any surface that can become a chalkboard should 100% be made into one. Naturally, when I thought about a back-to-school project, I knew I would be using chalkboard paint somehow. I came up with the idea to make a chalkboard lunchbox DIY project after thinking about the notes my dad used to write me. When I was in high school and over my “can’t be seen receiving affection from my parents middle school angst,” I loved reading the happy little notes from my dad at lunch.*

Stencil Stop - Game of Thrones Lunchbox Chalkboard DIY Project

 *Yes, I know that I should’ve been making my own lunch, but I’m pretty sure he liked doing it.**

Stencil Stop - Goodwill Game of Thrones Lunchbox Chalkboard DIY Project

**I just talked to him and he confirmed that he liked making my lunches. He also said, “You knew I loved you, because I made you lunch every day.” If that doesn’t make you say, “Aww,” I don’t know what will.

Stencil Stop - Chalkboard Spray Paint Lunchbox DIY Project

This lunchbox is great for a bunch of reasons, but the three big ones are:

1. It’s a super cheap (and sturdy) DIY.

2. It’s eco-friendly. You won’t be wasting paper on notes your kids will probably throw away. (I never did btw, Dad.)

3. It’s just plain fun. Your kids can decorate the outside chalkboard stencil section any way they like. Plus, throw a chalk marker in with their lunch and you’ll probably get a note/drawing/ineligible scribble back in the afternoon.

Stencil Stop - Clemson Tiger Paw Logo Chalkboard Lunchbox

I decided on black on black for this lunchbox, because I was going for a very simple and understated feel. (Also I’m an Alabama fan and I couldn’t get myself to paint a lunchbox that orange. I physically can’t do it.) I thought it turned out pretty cool to have a “secret” Clemson paw on a lunchbox that appears to be very simple. Plus, the inside chalkboard is a fun surprise too!

The execution was simple:

  • Find a cheap tin lunchbox.
  • Spray paint it your base color. Let dry and repeat as needed.
  • Place stencil and spray with chalkboard spray paint. Repeat as needed – I did two coats and it worked well.
  • Let the whole thing dry for 24 hours and enjoy! 

If I were to make another DIY chalkboard lunchbox for back-to-school season, I would make sure I had better spray painting skills. I ended up with some drips on the lunchbox where I got a little too excited with the spray paint. I would also be more patient! Let the sucker dry completely between coats of paint. It will stick to newspaper and rip off pieces of your (not so) hard work.

Stencil Stop - Chalkboard Lunchbox DIY Project

All in all, I love how this project turned out! I know I’m not a kid anymore, but I kind of want one for myself. Have you tried using chalkboard paint before? Comment below what kind of projects you’ve done!

As always, we love to see the end result of your Stencil Stop projects! Send in your creations to or hit us up on Facebook or @stencilstop on Instagram.

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