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Article: Easy DIY Ouija Board for Halloween

Easy DIY Ouija Board for Halloween

If you’re looking for an easy and spooky craft, let us help you out! Ouija boards are staples in Halloween decor (and party activities) and are incredibly simple to make. 

Ouija boards were first spotted in America in the 19th century with the rise of spiritualism. They were used by many to communicate with the dead, from common people to even Mary Todd Lincoln in the White House in 1862. It eventually was successfully patented and sold by a toy company. Whether you are using your board to communicate in a serious or playful way, Ouija boards are bound to liven up any Halloween. 

DIY Ouija Board Materials:

  • Ouija Board Stencil
  • Wood board (the same size as your stencil, we used a 8x12 inch)
  • Dark wood stain (such as mahogany or cherry)
  • Black spray paint
  • Rag
  • Gloves

How to make a Ouija Board

DIY Ouija board materials

Step 1). Stain your wood

We want to begin by giving our wood some color before using a stencil. Remember to wear gloves when using stains. 

Dip a rag into your chosen color and wipe it with the grain onto your wood piece. 

Staining ouija board

Make sure to leave no pools of liquid and to wipe all excess away. Stain is very potent, so you will not need to use much for this project. 

Allow the stain to dry for the allotted amount of time on the can. 

Step 2). Place your stencil 

Placing your stencil is very easy for this project! Simply line up the edges of the stencil with the edges of the wood. If you would like to secure your stencil more, feel free to use a spray adhesive on the back of the stencil. 

Step 3). Spray paint

Make sure to shake the can and do a test spray before beginning. As always, hold your spray can 10-15 inches away from the painting surface. Start in short bursts to get comfortable and to avoid overspraying. Spraying too close to the surface or spraying too much paint can cause paint bleed underneath the stencil. 

Spray painting Ouija board

Step 4). Finishing touches

To make the Ouija board look like it’s been around for centuries, we added a little pizazz. If you hold down the spray can nozzle halfway, it will spritz tiny dots of paint. The little details make the board look more worn. 

Finished DIY Ouija board with stencil

Aaaand we’re done! Let us know if any spooky spirits come to visit!

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