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Custom Metal Stencils

Insanely durable, infinitely reusable steel.

Stencils for every project

Check out our social media videos for DIY ideas.

How it Works

Place your order

Send us a copy of your art - any file, design, image or sketch. We'll transform it into a stencil.

Free Online Proofs

Review your free proofs within 2-4 days and request changes until they're perfect.

Delivered In a Week

Get your metal stencils within 1-2 weeks. Free US shipping on orders over $150.

Get Help and Support

A detailed guide with every purchase and how-to videos and articles in our help center.


With custom stencils, you can create awesome DIY projects on wood, walls and virtually anywhere.

Strong and Durable

We guarantee your metal stencil will withstand the pressure of any task.

Stenciling Made Easy!

Hours of how-to videos for stenciling on any surface and at any skill level.

How to Paint with Your Stencils

Guidelines for stenciling on different surfaces and when using different tools and methods.

How To Clean Your Stencils

Cleaning and storage tips to maximize the life of your stencils.

How to avoid paint bleed

Tips on avoiding paint bleed and becoming an expert stenciler in no time.

Detailed and Precise

Made with 0.6mm stainless steel material and laser cut for detail and precision.

Strong and Reusable

Can be used hundreds to thousands of times.

Easy and Efficient

Any logo, image or design can be easily replicated in no time.

Use on Many Surfaces

Use metal stencils for signage, as an extremely durable stencil, as artwork and more!

Need Support?

Visit the help center or give us a call.

Help Center

(916) 245-6869

Monday-Friday, 8AM-6PM PST.

Other Types of Custom Stencils

Large Custom Stencils

Best for projects bigger than 4x4 feet.

Large Custom Stencils

Custom Mylar Stencils

Best for quick projects and duplicating a design hundreds of times without fail.

Custom Layered Stencils


Best for highly detailed, multi-colored designs.

Custom Layered Stencils

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jesus Huerta (Los Angeles, US)
Works Perfectly!!!

We needed a metal stencil that we can use to spray paint our company logo on all of our machines, equipment, cones, etc. The stencil looks great. Will use again.

Jack Diedrich (Syracuse, US)
Really nice

Better than I expected. Really came out great for having such detail involved.

Marenda Fischer (St. George, US)
Great product and customer service

The customer service was amazing they talked me thru everything and made me feel good about what I was getting. The product was perfect just what I needed. Thank you!!!

randy emter (Dickinson, US)

The metal stencil came with large amounts of cutting slag on it that made it unacceptable for stencil use.

Maurice Rached (Philadelphia, US)
Very thin and flimsy material

we paid $486 for a 12' x 2' stencil. The material was paper thin, and it was very hard to keep it flat to the surface, the material warps very easily, so the spray paint bled through. The job did not come out good. In the past, I have used stencil material that was sturdier and never had a problem.

Caleb Satterfield (Granbury, US)

Custom Metal Stencils