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Article: DIY IKEA Tjena Storage Boxes

DIY IKEA Tjena Storage Boxes

We’re back this week with another easy IKEA DIY! While you can use any stencil we have, we used our new Offset Checkerboard Pattern. It’s a bold pattern that works well on smaller items around the house that can use some pizazz. 

For only $3.99, IKEA makes some simple and foldable cardboard boxes. They’re nothing special, but they are great canvases for artwork. We bought three to make a set for a total of around $12. 

The Tjena boxes come flattened with their top, instructions and another piece of cardboard that goes on the base of the box once it’s unfolded. 

IKEA Tjena Cardboard Boxes

Here’s what you’ll need:

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Cover your work area

As always, we recommend spray painting outside and with a protected area. 

Step 2: Paint your first layer

The easiest way to paint these boxes is to do it when they are flattened. Therefore, we will be painting the “front” and the “back” separately. 

I chose to put a piece of black cardboard in between the front and back of the flattened box in order to protect the inner flaps from being colored. 

IKEA Tjena boxes with protectant cardboard

Your first color (we always recommend starting with your lightest color) can be completely sprayed over the sides of the box. Once dry, it can be flipped over and the rest of the outside can be painted. 

Spray painting our IKEA Tjena storage boxes

Here are our three boxes with their base colors: 

Painted IKEA Tjena storage boxes

Step 3: Using your stencil

Luckily, our Geometric Offset Checkerboard Stencil is larger than the box itself, so it can simply be laid on top. You can use a pencil or other type of stick to hold the stencil down when spraying to get crisp lines. 

I used the edges of the box to align the stencil where I wanted it to go. Once everything is placed and ready to go, shake up that spray can and get to painting!

Step 3: Remove your stencil

Once the paint has had a moment to dry, you can easily peel off the stencil. In celebration of a job well done, here’s some peel porn ;)

Peeling off our stencilPeeling off our stencil

Step 4: Flip and repeat

Now that your stencil has been used on one side, it’s time to do the same thing on the other side. Make sure the base color and stenciled color are completely dry before flipping it over. 

Step 5: Paint the top

I chose to use the base color on the top of the box as well. For an even cooler effect, you can use a contrasting color or even another stencil on the top. To keep it simple and chic, I stuck with a solid color. 

Step 6: Fold ‘em up!

Now that the boxes are painted and completely dry, they can be folded according to the original IKEA instructions. Since I made three boxes, they look super cute all together.

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