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How to Make Wooden Beer Coasters Using a Stencil

DIY coasters! If you like having unique coasters for your home or bar (or home bar), you can make them yourself. In this short post, we are going to teach you how to quickly make a DIY coaster using a stencil on wood. So let’s begin.

Required Materials

For your homemade wooden coasters, you will need the following:

  • Spray paint
  • Fine sandpaper
  • A stencil
  • Adhesive spray (optional)
  • Circular wooden cutouts
  • An acceptable painting surface
  • Wood sealant spray

Paint the Circular Wood Cutouts

First, using the sandpaper, remove any rough areas from the wood. Clear the wood of any dust or debris and place them on a surface you don't mind getting painted - we always like to lay down a paper backing. Spray slowly and evenly to ensure the same look for all the coasters. Allow ample time for the paint to dry and apply multiple layers of paint if desired.

Apply Stencils to Coasters

Place your stencil onto the first coaster. If using an adhesive stencil, ensure that it is firmly affixed to the surface so that there are no air bubbles or gaps. If using a non-adhesive stencil, you may use an adhesive spray to create a tight hold between the stencil and the wood surface. Regardless of your chosen method, the stencils must lay as flatly as possible on top of the coasters.

Apply Paint to the Stencil

Using your next color of spray paint, apply the paint. To avoid bleeding, avoid applying too much paint. It might help to make a few more coasters than you need and trash the ones that don't look great. Sometimes, stenciling takes practice if you're not experienced!

If you have multiple layers of stencils to apply, allow the first layer of paint to dry before applying the next one.

Optional: Sanding for a Distressed Look

If you like a distressed look, you can sand them to make them look rustic. Use fine sandpaper and gently sand each coaster. Sand slowly and deliberately - oversanding can cause the coaster's stenciled design to disappear and become unrecognizable.

Apply a Wood Sealant

Apply your wood sealant to the coasters for the finishing touches. This will help protect the coasters when using them with the chilled beverage of your choice. Be sure to read the instructions on the sealant, as they can differ between brands.


Congratulations! You’ve finished your homemade wood coasters! Have a drink or two to celebrate. It's always satisfying to knock a DIY project off your to-do list.

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