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How We Are Dealing With COVID-19

Ever wanted to know what every company you’ve ever given your email address to thinks about the current state of the world?

In all seriousness, it is genuinely important for many companies to provide customers insights into their current reactions and plans. As a stencil company, you probably could care less about what our view is on this whole situation. I get that. You have actual, real things to worry about. Our lane is stencils. For the most part, we stay in it. So instead of cramming this into your email inbox, we’ll put our thoughts here, and you can read them at your leisure.

At Stencil Stop, we’re doing the best we can to simply make it through. Of course, we’re rigorously doing the five LINK and maintaining a safe, clean working environment with no more than 2 employees in our warehouse at a time. Health and safety are always top priorities. Orders are shipping on time, as always. Sales, of course, are way down. Amazon has temporarily stopped accepting stocking our items (apparently, stencils don’t qualify as essential household supplies) and Prime shipments are seeing delays of up to 30 days. We’re grateful to not be a retail business here in Sacramento - in that case, we’d be fully shut down. We’re trying our best to spread our hourly work, however thin, to our great team of hardworking team members in various countries throughout the world.

We supply many self-employed, self-starting customers with supplies that help them save money and create cool things, but right now, starting something new is simply not on the table for most of us. And that’s OK. We understand. It’s important for all of us to avoid putting any unnecessary pressure on ourselves right now. Stencil Stop is fortunate to have set up our business with minimal overhead costs, and most of our expenses come as the result of fulfilling orders, so we won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

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