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Custom mylar stencils are a fast and easy way to replicate any logo, image, design or file. 

Durable plastic material allows for hundreds to thousands of uses on many different surfaces. 

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Complete and submit the form below. Include size information, quantities and any relevant information or questions about your order.

Quantity discounts begin when you order 2 stencils - the more you buy, the more you save!

We'll respond with an accurate quote for you within 30 minutes.


Within 2-4 business days of your order, we'll send your design proof, complete with cut-out areas and dimensions shown. The design proof allows you to see exactly how your order will look. Request edits on your designs until you're happy with how they look. 

Proofs are free and custom stencils are designed by our team for no extra charge. In rare cases, if we can't complete a design to your exact specifications, you can request a no-questions-asked refund at any time before the order design is approved.


Orders typically ship within 48 hours of design approval. The average turnaround time from order to delivery is one week.

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About Custom Layered Stencils

Layered stencils are a great way to make detailed and dynamic works of art using multiple colors. As always, feel free to contact us if you have questions or need assistance ordering custom stencils.

Selecting a layered stencil size

Our custom stencil sizing guide contains detailed information about selecting the correct size for your layered stencil.

If you have specific size requirements, add a note to your order so we can design it to your exact specifications.


Selecting the Number of Layers

The number of layers you choose corresponds to the number of colors you will use. If you’re giving us a photo or complicated piece of art to recreate, we may separate your file into fewer stencils than there are original colors in the image. 

 blond frank ocean album cover multi layer custom mylar stencil proof

Your proof will represent the separate stencil layers like this:

french bulldog frenchie multi layered stencil proof

 We can separate your image into however many layers you like. Increasing the number of layers can increase the number of colors used. It can also improve the level of detail. In the next example, see how one file can be designed in different ways. 

blond frank ocean layered stencil graphic

Each layer corresponds to a color that will be used in the final DIY project.

This painted canvas uses 2 stencil layers:

sacramento kings basketball logo stencil multi layer

    Registration Marks

    Registration marks are lines that we cut into your stencil to make it easier to line up the layers when painting. They will be shown on your proof if you select "Yes."

    ballerina proof registration marks

    Cover Piece

    Depending on the design, your stencil may be sent with a "cover piece," which is a stencil layer that helps you paint a clean background. The cover piece is in the shape of your main subject and will be placed over the subject as the last step. Using this piece will ensure a clean background and cover any mistakes made along the way. You don't have to use it but if appropriate, we'll send one along anyway! 


    Check out how a cover piece finishes this painting nicely:

    Still unsure? Contact us.
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