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I’m from Nebraska and live in Iowa was going to make wall decorations out of the two states and hang them next to each other. In real life they are the same height (N to S) but the stencils do not come in the same sizes so it would look stupid if I hung them next to each other. So I can’t use them.

Could not use if

Poor quality. I wouldn’t get their stencils unless your logo/design is extremely simple. Maybe a letter or a singular shape. But nothing with several letters/word or any type of detail. Getting it on a wall is next to impossible. Regardless of assistance from other people. They honestly shouldn’t have taken on my project and just refunded me when I purchased it.

Puerto Rico Flag Short Stencil

Satisfied Customer!

Excellent quality stencils!

Good stencils

Good stencils , but should be more clear on the size of the actual stencil surface opposed to the measurements of the material it’s printed on . Ex an 8”x11” stencil is probably only 5” sprayed on… still really good quality

Great Job

Always a great experience they work with you until the job is done perfect...appreciate they are quick and accurate!!!

American Flag Stencil
james fitzsimmons

great job


I paid a lot to have a custom wall stencil made I wasn’t even able to use it. Not only did they get my pattern wrong where lines didn’t even match up… But the material was so flimsy it was nearly impossible to keep it on the wall and keep the parts of the stencil in place. This was a total waste of money. If you’re in the market for a stencil, I’d look somewhere else.

Custom Metal Stencils

Fast turn around. Exactly what I wanted

Mac Miller stencil

I have easily used this stencil 15x! Great quality! Even better product when done! Its been fun to test color waves and seemily make it your own!

Large Custom Stencils
Theresa Klatte'
*Superb Quality

Great quality, I would highly recommend and would not hesitate to order again.

Stencil Bent

Great stencil design, but got damaged in the mail and is bent.

Custom Metal Stencils
MaDonna & Chip
Fast, Friendly, & Great Product

Friendly Customer Service, Fast Delivery, and a Great Product.

Custom Mylar Stencils
MaDonna & Chip
Fast, Friendly, Well Done

The process is very fast. Great customer service, and a great product.

Custom Layered Stencils
August cardinali
Ghostbuster Logo

Worked great. I even used it on a curved surface.

Great quality

Love them!

Custom Layered Stencils

Custom Mylar Stencils
Jeremiah Pillow

Fast production & super product!!!

Great Product

Satisfied Customer

Amazing quality

The best stencil I’ve ever used. Super crisp cuts and super simple to use. Highly recommended

Very happy with your stencils. Worked well.

Well Done

The stencil you created came out amazing! Six layers that were perfectly aligned and excellent high-quality film.

Make-up Order
Ann Grasso
Town Seal Stencil

The replacement stencil was mailed flat and came though perfectly. Thank you!

Custom Mylar Stencils
Leslie Slager
Perfect in every way ...

Our stencil met and exceeded every expectation. It is 12 x 18 and is used to enhance corn-hole sets handmade in a workshop for youth with life challenges. Everyone LOVEs it - perfect in size, impact and, even, "good looks"!