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Article: How to Make Custom Wrapping Paper

How to Make Custom Wrapping Paper

Making your own gift wrap is a simple way to add a special touch to the presents under your tree. With brown kraft paper, stencils and paint, we can make classy paper that can even be burned in your fireplace (unlike traditional gift wrap).

This project is super easy and results in gorgeous, unique wrapping paper that won’t break the bank. However, brown kraft paper is not all that special, so we’re going to use stencils to create fun custom gift paper. 

Materials for DIY wrapping paper:

DIY stencil kraft wrapping paper materials

1. Prep painting materials and kraft paper

Squeeze out some white acrylic paint onto a paper plate. Set out your kraft paper on a flat surface. Put newspaper or a drop cloth underneath the paper to keep your surface clean. 

2. Place stencil on kraft paper

The kraft paper does not have to be the exact size of the stencil. Our pattern stencils come in 20” x 20” sizes, which will cover a large amount of space. If you need a larger area of paper to cover larger gifts, our patterns are repeatable and can cover any amount of space. 

We do not recommend using any type of adhesive to hold down the stencil on kraft paper. Adhesives can tear away the top layer of paper when removing the stencil. Instead, work in small areas at a time and hold down the stencil firmly with your hand. Kraft paper is not slippery like normal wrapping paper and the stencil will only move if pushed. 

3. Dab paint onto kraft paper with sponge brush

Dip the flat part of the sponge brush into the paint. Squeeze out any excess paint by dabbing the brush onto a clean area of the paper plate. When using a sponge brush with stencils, use as little paint as possible at a time. This will prevent paint from bleeding under the edges of the stencil and making the design imperfect. Kraft paper is also fairly thin, and we want to prevent the paper from becoming oversaturated. 

Using a sponge brush and stencil to make wrapping paper

Some of our pattern stencils, such as this western design, have multiple layers. Once the first layer of paint has dried, add the second layer for a more dramatic and detailed effect. Our plaid design has a second layer that we added with pink paint. 

Second layer of paint, DIY wrapping paper with stencils


4. Remove stencil from kraft paper 

Allow the paint to dry for a minute or two before removing the stencil to make sure no paint is going to be smeared across the paper. Lift up the stencil to reveal the painted design underneath. 


Removing a stencil from DIY kraft wrapping paper

After the wrapping paper has been painted and dried, you can cut it to size and use it to wrap all the gifts under your tree. Tie each box with a color-coordinated bow and become the season’s craftiest gifter! After Christmas morning, the paper can be used in your fireplace guilt-free. Our mylar stencils can also be used year after year for any project. 

Christmas gifts wrapped with eco friendly DIY painted kraft paper made with stencils

Browse our pattern stencil collection or design your own with our custom mylar stencils!

For more Christmas do-it-yourself projects, check out our article on stenciling cookies and our holiday DIY gift guide. 

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I purchased this paper from and was very pleased with the results. It has a nice weight to it that is thicker than computer paper, but more flexible than cardstock. When run through in the press I only needed one sheet of paper for packing to get a good imprint. I love the natural, brown-bag look, which had little perfect imperfections, and gave a rustic vibe to my prints. I printed in both black and white ink, and both came out very well. For the quality and quantity, I thought the price was a bargain and would recommend this paper to anyone who needs a sturdy and malleable craft paper. “”


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