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Article: DIY Stencils Gifts for Everyone on Your List

DIY Stencils Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Whether you’re looking to make a gift for someone special or find them something perfect, Stencil Stop has endless options. We offer many custom options that will make thoughtful and personal gifts for every friend, family member, significant other, coworker, etc. 

For Coffee Lovers

Dutch Bros Coffee Stencil art

Everyday coffee can get boring from time to time, so why not spice it up with some latte art? Stir up some milk foam, pour it into your drink, place a coffee stencil and shake some cinnamon on top. Make a stencil with your face, their face, their business logo or a simple “I love you.”

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For Chefs (professional or at-home!)

Custom Wood-Burned Cutting Board Gift DIY

Make a wood-burned cutting board using a stencil, heat gun and a Scorch Marker. Check out our article about how to make a wood-burned cutting board to create the custom kitchen tool of their dreams. 

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For Sports Fans

Clemson Stencil DIY T-Shirt

There’s no better way to sport your favorite team than with a handmade t-shirt. All you need is one of our collegiate stencils, some fabric paint, and a shirt! Learn how to paint on t-shirts right here on the DIY Blog. 

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For Beer Lovers

DIY Etched Glass Beer Stein with Stencils

Making etched drinking glasses is much easier than you may think. With a few materials, you can even make an entire set! Customize beer glasses or a beer stein with a favorite sports logo, business name, personalized message, or meaningful image. Learn how to use etching cream to make custom glasses in our “How to Etch Glass Using Stencils” article.  

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For Pet Lovers

Custom Dog Pet Portrait Stencil Painting Gift

If you know someone as obsessed with their pets as we are, give them something special by creating a portrait of their pet. Even if you’re not an artist, our layered stencil sets make it easy to create beautiful and detailed art like this. Gift them gorgeous artwork of their best friend (other than you). 

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For Business Owners

Custom Gifts for Business Owners

Show someone you love that you support their business by getting them a custom stencil of their logo. They can use a stencil for packaging, signage, decoration, etc! Our custom stencils can be used hundreds to thousands of times, so you can get them a gift that will last. Custom reusable stencils can be made in both mylar plastic and stainless steel metal. 

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For Organizers

Bullet Journal Stencils Gift

An affordable gift for planner and journal users are our Bullet Journal Stencils. Each set comes with 2 stencils filled with banners, check lists, bullet points, calendar templates and much more. They fit perfectly in the back of an A5 notebook and can go wherever they go. 

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For Game Lovers

DIY Chess Checker Boards Gift

I know that we say a lot of our DIY projects are easy (because, well, they often are!) but this one is the easiest. All you need is a checkerboard stencil, 2 colors of spray paint and a piece of 12x12 inch wood or particleboard. Our article all about chess and checker boards explains what you need to do to make stylish and fun game boards. 

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For Plant Lovers 

DIY Succulent Plant Pot Gift

Spice up a simple terracotta plant pot for your plant-loving pals this holiday season. Use any of our ready-made designs or make your own! Plop a new succulent or cactus into the pot for a cute gift they’ll love. Learn how to do it here. 

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For Artists

Custom Metal Stencil Art Gift

Do you know someone who is an artist? Immortalize their work with a metal stencil. Send us an image of their artwork and we can recreate it in stainless steel. Pictured above is a wall hanging designed by artist Sudi Rouhi.

Shop Custom Metal Stencils 

For Movie Lovers

Jason Halloween Movie Poster Stencil Set Gift

Check out our collection of layered movie and TV character stencil sets. Don’t have the character or film you’re looking for? Order a custom layered stencil set and make them a one-of-a-kind collectible.

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