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Stencil Videos


Patagonia Logo Layered Stencil

For this stencil we created a separate layer for each color in the Patagonia logo, it's always fun to recreate logos with lots of different colors. These layered stencils create some of the cooles...

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Sloth Adhesive Stencil Mask

For this stencil, we decided to put our sloth logo onto a face mask. We thought this seemed like the best way to show some company pride n the middle of the pandemic. If you're looking for a custo...

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Front Door Acrylic Sign

Our old sign outside our door was a little faded so we decided to try the acrylic again to replace it. This new and improved sign still features our little sloth friend, no need to worry. If you...

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Sloth Logo Stencil on Packaging

Our sloth is back! We decided to add a little more of a personal touch to our packaging. For this stencil we started with our sloth by himself and then added a fun pattern around him to fit the siz...

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