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Stencil Videos


Patagonia Logo Layered Stencil

For this stencil we created a separate layer for each color in the Patagonia logo, it's always fun to recreate logos with lots of different colors. These layered stencils create some of the cooles...

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San Francisco 49ers Adhesive Stencil

This version of the San Francisco 49ers' logo is another one of our adhesive stencils. We understand that feeling of excitement when you see your favorite team in an unexpected place, we thought w...

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Gucci Mane "Brrr" Ice Cream Cone Tattoo Stencil

We're always looking for new stencil ideas, and Gucci Mane's face seemed like the perfect place to start. He came out with a new mixtape recently so it seemed like the perfect time to show our guy...

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A Conversation with Our CEO

A Conversation with Our CEO

In this interview, Colin talks about how Stencil Stop started around his first job out of college in Lynchburg, Virginia, how the business ended up in Sacramento, and how he met the team that help...

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Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin Layered Stencil

We're getting back into some of our layered stencils! This six layered stencil of Aretha Franklin is one of our current favorites. We're all about paying our RESPECTs. If you're looking for a cu...

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custom stencil

Frida Kahlo Layered Stencil

We believe that all artists are inspired by other artists. What better way to prove this than to honor the work of Frida Kahlo with one of our custom layered stencils?

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mythical creature

Rainbow Unicorn Stencil

We have all read and heard stories about mythical creatures. We wanted to bring the unicorn to life as best we can. Let us know if you have a favorite mythical creature you'd like to see! If you'...

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Dirty Dancing

Movie Monday: Dirty Dancing T-Shirt Stencil

We definitely had the time of our lives making this Dirty Dancing t-shirt. Movie Mondays wouldn't be the same if we hadn't included this classic. We're getting pretty good at stenciling onto t-shi...

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Movie Monday: Ghostbusters Stencil

Who ya gonna call? We may not be able to help you with supernatural occurrences but we can supply a pretty cool stencil to help you remember who to call. We're hoping by having this in our space, ...

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Mean Streets

Movie Monday: Mean Streets Skateboard Stencil

  For this Movie Monday, we chose to go with a bit of a throwback and chose Martin Scorsese's Mean Streets. We liked the idea of putting the design from the original movie poster on the bottom of a...

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Kung Fu Hustle

Movie Monday: Kung Fu Hustle Stencil

For this edition of Movie Monday, we re-created the poster for Kung Fu Hustle. We definitely had some fun when filming his video. We thought its was only fitting to show off some martial artistry....

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Movie Monday

Movie Monday: The Godfather Poster Stencil

Yet another classic movie to add to our movie stencil collection. It just wouldn't be complete without this classic. Painting these onto the wall is becoming one of our favorite ways to bring thes...

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Movie Monday: Thelma & Louise Table

For this stencil, we wanted to put our own spin on the Thelma & Louise original movie poster. We made it a little more minimalist and chose bright colors to really make it pop while still matc...

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Black Panther

Movie Monday: Black Panther Stencil on Graffiti Wall

We thought a graffiti wall would be a cool addition to our space and since we had a Movie Monday to celebrate, Black Panther seemed the perfect stencil to debut the wall. What else should we put o...

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Blue Brothers

Movie Monday: Blues Brothers Coffee Mug Stencil

This Movie Monday is inspired by the Saturday Night Live skit turned movie, Blues Brothers. First we used an adhesive stencil to spray paint the design onto the side of the mug and then we used a ...

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Milka Coffee Stencil

We are really loving these coffee stencils! This Milka Coffee Roasters stencil came out really well. Let us know if you have an idea for a coffee stencil! If you're looking for a custom stencil to...

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Sloth Adhesive Stencil Mask

For this stencil, we decided to put our sloth logo onto a face mask. We thought this seemed like the best way to show some company pride n the middle of the pandemic. If you're looking for a custo...

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Toucan Layered Stencil

Does art imitate life or does art imitate life? Either way we think this layered stencil of a toucan is pretty cool. We love using these layered stencils because it opens up so many opportunities ...

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Pikachu Drip Stencil

Gotta Catch 'em all, right? We're hoping we've caught the attention of Pokemon enthusiasts with this Pikachu stencil. It's a little different than our usual style but we think it's pretty cool. I...

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Growling Bear Stencil

We're bringing back the watercolor paints! While this growling bear may seem menacing, we think the vibrant colors helped to lessen that a little bit. If you're looking for a custom stencil to kno...

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Mandalorian Layered Stencil

Calling all of our Star Wars fans! The release of the Mandalorian series has sparked inspiration for us to create more Star Wars themed stencils.  Let us know if you want to see more Star Wars the...

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