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Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Latte Art Stencil

We all love latte art, especially when the designs get fancy. We decided to cater to that and put this iconic duo onto our lattes. Unfortunately, this is probably as close as we'll get to having a...

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Sloth Adhesive Stencil

Our mascot is back! This time we chose to do a small, adhesive stencil to show our love for the little guy.Let us know if there are ay other cute animals you would like to see! If you're looking ...

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Snorlax Glass Etching Stencil

Calling all Pokemon fans! We have the perfect stencil for you! We've created this little glass with Snorlax on it for when you feel the need to embrace your inner trainer.  If you're looking for a...

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Bird Stencil Wooden Box

We decided to try out this bird pattern stencil on another new surface, a wooden box! We love how the bright color of the birds looks on the wood. We think it turned out pretty well, what do you t...

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Louis Vuitton Wood Drip

Here at Stencil Stop, we respect the drip but sometimes, you need to spice it up a little bit. That's exactly what we did with this Louis Vuitton drip. We paired the bright green with a darker bl...

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Manchester City Adhesive Stencil

What better way to show support for your favorite soccer (or football for our friends across the pond) team than painting their logo onto anything you want? This adhesive stencil is the perfect wa...

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Montucky Shirt Adhesive Stencil

This adhesive stencil is a t-shirt sized version of the Montucky logo. It's always good to expand your horizons (pun intended) and try new things, and we were very excited to try this! We love how...

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Rick Ross Mastermind Canvas Stencil

 We're throwing it back a little bit with this versos of Rick Ross' Mastermind album art. The colors on this album cover really pop and make it hard not to stop and stare. We chose to use layered...

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Sloth Doormat Stencil

For this project we decided to create a welcome mat with our logo on it. We wanted to experiment with new surfaces to use our stencils on and this seemed like a fun new idea.  Because our little s...

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Dabbing Santa Adhesive Stencil Peel

This dabbing Santa is one of our adhesive stencils from December 2019. We know that the holidays are an exciting time, so why not add a little extra style? When it comes to these small, adhesive ...

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