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Article: 7 Steps To Make Your Own DIY Serving Tray

7 Steps To Make Your Own DIY Serving Tray


Stencil Stop Pinterest Pin DIY Serving Tray Gather

Thanksgiving might be one of the most underrated holidays. It falls right between Halloween and Christmas, and we really just don't appreciate it enough for what it is - a great excuse to get together, enjoy the company of friends and family we don't see often enough, and EAT! So what could you possibly need more than a beautiful serving tray to properly honor this long overshadowed and mistreated holiday? 

The first part of any project is to make a list and go shopping! Pro tip: bring your stencil with you. You'll have a better idea of what size materials you need. Plus, you'll look like you really know what you're doing!



  • A stencil (of course!). We have some holiday stencils, or you can create your own with a custom stencil.
  • Wood, sanded and stained to preference
  • Handles (We used cabinet handles. There are so many fun options!)
  • Acrylic Paint 
  • Stencil Brush 
  • Spray Adhesive (Make sure it's not permanent! Look for "re-positionable" on the package!)
  • All-purpose Super Glue
  • Painter's Tape

We were a little short on time for this project (another instance of Thanksgiving getting lost in the celebrations of Halloween and Christmas...), so we opted for some wood that had already been finished and assembled for our serving tray, but choosing and finishing your own wood is also an option! 

Getting Started: 

Make sure your wood is clean and dry before you begin. Spray the stencil with spray adhesive and place it on the wood. Depending on the project, you may want to mark the placement of a stencil with a pencil before this step! After you place the stencil, press down firmly and then secure the edges with painter's tape.

Stencil Stop Gather DIY Serving Tray Holiday

Painting the stencil can be the tricky part, so take your time here! The key is to use a small amount of paint and keep your paintbrush vertical, so paint does not seep underneath the edge of the stencil. Using a paint brush specifically for stenciling really helps - the bristles are thick and firm, which makes them perfect for dabbing paint onto a stencil! The spray adhesive helps with this too. So, with a little paint on your brush, cover the area you are wishing to stencil. It's really that easy! 

 After painting, let your stencil dry a little before the big reveal! This is a great time to attach the handles to your tray. We used super glue to attach our handles, but for a sturdier (and more permanent) option you can screw the handles onto the tray. After all that, we just waited for it to dry. And kept waiting.. the anticipation was killer. But so worth it! 

Stencil Stop Gather DIY Serving Tray Thanksgiving

The best part of this project was that it actually did give us a chance to gather! Inspired by our serving tray, we organized a "Friendsgiving" celebration and, of course, brought great food to the party on our beautiful serving tray! Fun times, great friends, fantastic conversations, and the best food - Thanksgiving might be my new favorite holiday!  

Let us know how you "gather" this holiday season by tagging us @stencilstop on Instagram!

Lacking holiday spirit? Check out our Facebook page for tons of fresh craft ideas!

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