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Article: Make Your Own Custom Painted Golf Balls for an Easy but Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gift

Make Your Own Custom Painted Golf Balls for an Easy but Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gift

A Valentine’s Day DIY for Your Golf Loving Significant Other or Spouse

Supplies Needed:

Make your own custom painted Valentine’s Day golf balls 

If you’re like me when looking for a gift for my significant other, it’s all about the thoughtfulness and creativity. If I buy a nice, thoughtful gift I look pretty good, but if I make something for my girlfriend that she likes and appreciates, then I really knock it out of the park.

Stencils provide a simple, creative way to make something for your significant other that would otherwise be really difficult to make or even buy. With a stencil, you can put an entire picture on pretty much anything.

In the past we’ve made tote bags, pillows and even doormats for our friends, family and boyfriends and girlfriends. Today we’ll show you a unique gift that I’m sure hasn't been done before!

In this post we’ll show you how to put your spouse or significant other’s face on a GOLF BALL. This is obviously meant for those golf lovers out there, but the same idea can be applied to other small ball sports (tennis, croquet, maybe the tip of a badminton shuttlecock?). Larger balls have too much surface area and too much curve to get a good adherence with a stencil. 

Step 1: The Stencil

There are two schools of thought when it comes to this project. You could either put your loved one’s face on the golf ball so they know which golf ball is theirs at all times on the golf course. Or you could put your own face (or someone else that gets on their nerves) on the ball, so that they get to hit your face with a golf club for 9 to 18 holes, giving your spouse a little more “oomph” behind their golf swing.

For this project, Colin, our CEO and head creative here at Stencil Stop, painted a set of golf balls for his Aunt and Uncle using both of their faces, making it easy for them to choose whose face they get to hit with a golf club. 

We used one of our Custom Adhesive Stencils to paint these golf balls. The adhesive stencils work well for this project because they’re thin, very flexible, and they already have adhesive on the back to stick to the golf ball. Each of these stencil designs are one inch long, with about a half inch border around the designs. 


This design was made using a picture of Colin’s uncle and aunt. In case you didn’t know, we can make stencils out of anything - whether it’s pictures, drawings, renderings, pictures of drawings - you name it and we can make it into a stencil! 

After designing and cutting the stencils, they’re ready to go. We placed the stencil on the golf ball as such:

With the stencil secure on the golf ball, we’re ready to paint! 

Step 2: The Paint

Now that the stencil is placed and we’re ready to paint, we have to decide how we’re going to paint this bad boy. We decided to use spray paint as it’s much easier to paint with on such a tricky medium. The golf ball’s surface is also very smooth and slick, so other paint may not dry as easily on the ball and would possibly smear or come off fairly easily.

When it comes to choosing a spray paint, quality is everything. We always use either Montana Spray Cans or MTN Montana Colors spray cans. They’re both high quality spray paint, so either one works well. Higher quality spray paint means that the paint’s not going to be as runny as the normal, run of the mill, hardware store spray paint. It is a little more expensive (about $6.50-$8 a can as opposed to $4-$5 a can for your general use spray paint) and can usually be found at art supply stores or at various online retailers (click those links above to order directly from the company).

Now that we have the paint chosen, we’re ready to get painting. 

As always when using a stencil, less paint is more! Start off with a light coat and add sparingly so to make sure you don't overspray the golf ball. 


Step 3: The Peel

Once you have the entire paintable surface covered, let the paint dry for a minute or two until it’s no longer wet but not totally dry. The key word here is tacky - not wet, not dry, so just a bit sticky.

Now you’re ready to peel off the stencil and reveal the final image! 

Now that you’ve painted one, you can paint a box full! To be clear, the adhesive stencils we sell aren't guaranteed to be multi use, but can be as long as use them with care. However, after one to a few uses they tend to wear out. 

We were able to paint a box of three with one stencil, so it’s not a bad idea to have more stencils on hand if you want to paint more than that.

When ordering Custom Adhesive Stencils, you can request 1 inch designs to fit the golf ball. Just be sure to include that note when submitting your order.

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